Telesalud International's Telemedicine Solution has been awarded internationally at the World Economic Forum

As part of the seventh edition of the World Economic Forum, held last April at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 850 leaders in areas of Business, Governments, International Organizations, Academia and Civil Society from 70 different countries, discussed the opportunities, challenges and required transformations in today's global context. The Forum has collaborated in the creation and coordination of eight (8) B20 task forces in which these leaders shared and expressed their commitments and recommendations on issues of global relevance, which will be presented to the G20 summit, which will be held in June in Los Cabos . The winners of social entrepreneurship for Latin America 2011, awarded by the Schwab Foundation, took part in these meetings where they shared their perspective of sustainability and social innovation. Dr. Tomas J. B. Sanabria, President and Founder of Telesalud International, who was awarded as the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Venezuela, 2011, shared Telesalud International's experience in Telemedicine and how it has improved the quality of life of the population.