Our services

Our Telemedicine Solutions benefit either public or private organizations either in urban or remote zones.

    The benefits of implementing our telemedicine solution are:
  • Access to specialist and sub specialist no matter where the patient lives.
  • Decongest hospitals and health centers.
  • Faster diagnosis processes.
  • Patients are taken care in their area of origin.
  • Reduced equipment transportation costs.
  • Reduced patients transport time and costs.
  • Implementation of an effective preventive medicine.
  • Reduced sense of isolation of rural doctors.
  • Access to e-learming and best practices in Telemedicine.
  • Strenghthening of healthcare delivery system.

Telesalud International offers services in:

  • Consultation and site assessment for the installation/implementation of telemedicine systems.
  • Store and forward second opinion medical consultation.
  • Telemedicine Project Management.
  • Telemedicine Software TELSINT┬«.
  • Telemedicine education and training.