Our experience in very remote zones in the Venezuelan Amazonian region, where technological and economical resources are scarce, has made us grow from the basis of the healthcare delivery pyramid and develop a cost –effective system that is recognized worldwide and has proven the benefits of the use of ICT applied to healthcare delivery.
Ubicación de centros en Venezuela
Telesalud International has 20+ Telemedicine Centers in remote locations in the Venezuelan Amazonian region (Maniapure, Wonken, Kamarata, El Pauji, among others) and has also one in Ecuador.

Who are we?

Telesalud International is the leading Telemedicine provider in Latin America to deliver telemedicine services of distance second opinion consultation. Thanks to our experience of 18+ years, we have developed a methodology that improves the quality of life of remote populations and also reduces the costs associated to healthcare delivery.

Specialty Physicians available to everyone, everywhere.